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From modern to classic and everything in between, FIGS & FETA Magazine’s diverse Interior designs ensure every woman finds inspiration that resonates with her unique style.

Interiors (@indahisland, Issue 13)

Modern Coastal

With these modern coastal interiors, there is more to pastel-coloured wicker furniture. The modern classic look is in, with its gorgeous blue-and-white detail and chinoiserie pieces.

Interiors_Second Image (Vanessa Ferriggi, Issue 14)

Art Moves

Vanessa Ferriggi believes that art adds to the soul of any home. Learn where to find art that moves you, and pick up tips on how to display your finds in your home.


Embark on a culinary journey with delectable recipes that will inspire you to gather loved ones, transforming every meal into a celebration of life.

Taste_Second Photo (Lovoni Walker, Issue 15)

Culinary Symphony

Indulge in Lovoni Walker’s symphony of flavours crafted to elevate your dining experience, as Lovoni shares her expertise, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary culinary delights.


Spiritful Origins

Nellie’s cooking class, Relish Mama, is a homegrown brand. Its humble (but fun!) beginnings is a testament to Nellie’s formidable spirit.


Captivating tales of real women worldwide echo, igniting a profound journey towards spiritual and mindset wellness that harmonises with the very essence of our own lives.

Inspire (Janet Little, Issue 15)

Everyday Women

In her uniquely expressive, figurative style, self-proclaimed ‘everyday woman’, Janet Little, showcases the extraordinary, capturing the essence of women in every brush stroke.

Inspire (Fledge and Thread, Issue 14)

Resilient Vision

Keren Fraser’s dream was to be an artist. The world repeatedly said no. Her bold reply? To put up her shop Fledge & Thread.


A beautiful focus on physical and spiritual health intertwines seamlessly, nurtures vibrant relationships, and elevates every aspect of your life.

Wellbeing (Dr. Kirstey Holland, Issue 15)

Unveiling Resilience

Dr. Kirstey Holland’s incredible journey embodies resilience, inspiring us to take the path towards a life filled with strength, vitality, and graceful harmony even through peri and menopause.

Wellbeing_Third Photo (Virginia Chorley, Issue 14)

Turning Point

All it took was a routine laboratory test for Virginia Chorley to take a 360-degree turn. Let her amazing story be your wake-up call.


Cultivate an abundant mindset, constantly expanding your financial wisdom and refining your relationship with the energy of money through our prosperity gateway.

Fortune_Second Photo (Zelda Ibis, Issue 13)

Financial Freedom

Let Zelda Ibis of Zibis teach you a simple but effective money hack that will put you on the path to financial freedom.

Fortune_Third Photo

Smart Wealth

Explore wealth-building strategies: Learn how to make your money work smarter, not harder with expert tips and tricks.


A journey of self-discovery, inspiring you with locations to visit worldwide, inviting adventure to weave seamlessly into your life, fostering growth, and nurturing self-love.

Adventure_Second Photo (Meet Milan, Issue 15)

Meet Milan

Nestled in the heart of Lombardy, Milan is a treasure trove of art, architecture, and cuisine waiting to be explored. Explore an enhancing kaleidoscope of experiences just for you!

Adventure_Third Photo (Issue 14)

Stunning Spain

Bask in Spain’s diversity, from Granada’s Alhambra palace to San Sebastian’s stunning beaches, embracing the vibrant culture of this European nation.


Unleash your creativity with our Style Playground, urging you to explore new expressions that guide you to discover a look and the essence of the person you aspire to become.”

Style_Second Photo (Vous Clothing, Issue 15)

Soulful Stitches

Unveiling Vous Clothing: Follow Renee Verdon’s journey as she turns dreams into wearable art, creating a unique fashion narrative that celebrates individuality and expression.


Sole Passion

Shoes are where the action is in Chie Mihara’s professional life. Find beauty in her story of creativity and passion.

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Member Exclusive Hub Weekly Inspiration

A sanctuary curated for women seeking a reservoir of weekly inspiration. Each exclusive blog is crafted to nurture your soul, spark introspection, and ignite the flame of empowerment on your unique journey.


Iris Apfel at 102: Unveiling the Vibrant Threads of Timeless Living

At 102, fashion icon Iris Apfel defies age norms, inspiring women to live purposefully and creatively. Her vibrant spirit and distinctive style offer timeless lessons on embracing life with passion and unexpected flair.


Colorful Sovereignty: Queen Elizabeth’s Reign of Vibrant Hues

The Colour Queen spoke through hues, enchanting her tribe. Amidst cheers, she conveyed messages of LOVE and HOPE, transcending expectations.


A Tale of Creativity, Authenticity, and Unconventional Paths with Wendy Conklin

Wendy challenges norms, inspiring us to follow our hearts and embrace the transformative power of passion. Each visionary chair she crafts is a masterpiece, breathing life and enchantment into the world of unconventional art.


Be the Gatekeeper of your Mind

Leaving Earth with no possessions, bills, or worries— is what consumes us truly worth it? A delicate balance between the soul’s lightness and the mind’s heaviness urges us to find freedom and happiness amid life’s complexities.

Kim La Verla

A Message From The Editor

Dear cherished reader,
Welcome to this space carefully crafted to ignite inspiration and empowerment, specifically designed to embolden women to embrace their most vibrant lives. Your presence here is a testament to our connection, a synchronous meeting of minds seeking something more profound.

Within the pages of our lifestyle magazine, we aim to touch upon every facet of your existence. Each article beckons you to reflect and beckons you to embrace incremental changes. Sometimes, the simplest alterations, like changing the soap dispenser in your bathroom, breathe new life into your home. Stories of others may inspire you to forge a new path in your own journey.

Our content is meticulously curated with your essence in mind. It is my aspiration to leave a legacy that resonates with countless women globally, catalyzing a new era of empowered, resilient women. Despite being an ordinary 53-year-old woman, I share the same aspirations and dreams as you. I’ve learned the potency of pausing between decisions, allowing the universe to co-create each subsequent step.

Together, let us embark on a transformative journey that resonates with the very core of our aspirations, nurturing strength, and fortitude.

With warmth and empowerment,
Kim La Ferla


Our Femme Soul Retreat was AMAZING

Retreat Bali

Immersed in Bali’s beauty during our February Femme Soul Retreat. Amidst like-minded women, we held space for one another, fostering connections in the vibrant energy of the island. Nourished by local cuisine and uplifting camaraderie, it was an empowering journey for every woman to proudly declare ‘I AM ME’.

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You are exclusively invited to an extraordinary lineup of upcoming events, where unforgettable experiences await.

Soul Safari Bali

A unique expedition blending cultural richness, spiritual exploration, and personal growth. Traverse the scenic landscapes, immerse in soulful encounters, and connect with a community of kindred spirits. It’s time to feel the magic of Bali!

Soul Safari India

Immerse yourself in sacred traditions, explore vibrant festivals, and uncover timeless wisdom against the backdrop of India’s soul-stirring landscapes. It’s a transformative journey that dives deep into self-discovery, offering an extraordinary exploration of the soul in the enchanting embrace of India.

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Join us virtually for upcoming online events—connect, learn, and be part of something special from the comfort of your space.

Yvette Tarrant

Online Course Series: Grief Conversations with Yvette Tarrant

Anticipate our upcoming online course series with Yvette Tarrant. Join us as Yvette expertly guides you through the complexities of loss, fostering compassion and understanding. Engage in meaningful discussions to navigate the path of healing and connect with others who share in the journey of grief.

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