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FIGS & FETA Magazine Empowers Your Path to SHAPE the Life You Desire!

Immerse Yourself​


Immerse Yourself

Embark on an immersive journey that helps SHAPE the LIFE you WANT. In our pages, inspiration abounds, from stunning interiors to wanderlust-inducing travel stories and everything in between, weaving a tapestry of beauty and inspiration throughout.
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FIGS & FETA Magazine stands as your unwavering companion, providing solace as you relax on your sofa, imparting uplifting words as you immerse in our stories, infusing your home with culinary inspiration, and serving as your muse during desk-side daydreams.
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Wherever You Roam​
You're Invited​


You're Invited

Become part of an exclusive community of empowered women and fearlessly venture into uncharted territories. Join hands with a sisterhood of like-minded women as we embark on extraordinary journeys, exploring new destinations and engaging in virtual and online events that nurture personal growth. These experiences are where the magnetic energy of kindred spirits comes alive, fostering enduring happiness and meaningful connections that stretch beyond your comfort zone.

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Your Voice Matters

We hold your experiences, insights, and contributions in high regard. Within our thriving community, your words are significant, your thoughts are cherished, and your shared wisdom inspires others. This opportunity to share your wisdom is available in Subscriber Exclusives, where connections among fellow subscribers are formed, and new friendships are kindled.

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Your Voice Matters
Special Offers


Special Offers

Our FIGS & FETA Magazine members hold a special place in our hearts, for we believe that special people deserve special treatment. And that’s why we partner with our dedicated collaborators to bring exclusive special offers catering.

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Is Meticulously Designed...

Celebrating 30-40's

For women celebrating their 30-40 living years, skillfully navigating the challenges of a world with high expectations. You understand the wisdom that can be gained from those who have walked similar paths and are eager to absorb their insights. Your heart longs for a life brimming with endless happiness and where you remain true to yourself. You’ve arrived here searching for a lifestyle magazine that visually inspires you and speaks to you like a trusted friend. It’s a magazine that fuels tangible transformation and continuously bestows you an abundance of inspiration.

Celebrating 40-50's

For women celebrating their 40 to 50 living years, poised on the verge of a new life phase and feeling the gentle winds of change rustling through their souls. Embracing this transition, you are keenly aware of the mix of familiar and unfamiliar emotions swirling within you. While you yearn for happiness, it seems elusive, leaving you craving something different.

You recognise that following the same path will inevitably lead to the same destination. Thus, you’re eager to take charge, alter the course of your life, and fully embrace all that lies ahead before entering the next chapter. In your quest, you seek companionship, understanding that you are destined for more. You want to surround yourself with women who believe in your potential even more than you do yourself. You’ve come here for inspiration, intending to inspire others around you, creating a ripple effect of empowerment and transformation.

Celebrating 50-60's

For women celebrating their 50 and 60 living years, a transformation begins to occur within, bringing about a fresh perspective and novel ways of thinking. What once held great importance now recedes insignificance as you discern the emergence of what truly matters. A subtle yet potent self-assuredness begins to thread into your life, awakening a sense of excitement. Despite this exhilarating sensation feeling somewhat unfamiliar, you aspire to navigate this marvellous wave with grace and understanding. 

Your ultimate aspiration is to wholeheartedly embrace life and savour each moment. You seek more than just an ordinary lifestyle magazine; beyond the appeal of captivating visuals, you yearn to be inspired by the stories of real women. These narratives will empower you to become everything you are destined to be and accomplish everything you are meant to achieve. You’re here because you crave the fullness of life, embracing its richness and abundance.


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